About us

What is Moksha Foundation?

Moksha Foundation is a non-government organization in Delhi, India.  Founded in August, 2012, Moksha Foundation aims at bringing about meaningful change in the society. Working in the West zone of Delhi, Moksha Foundation looks at various issues that one may come across in the daily life of a household and addresses these with an objective of creating a continuous and long-lasting change that would benefit society as a whole.  The primary areas of focus are encouraging green energy production, organizing information based awareness campaigns and focusing on individual cases related to health and legal problems.

Moksha Foundation started functioning in January, 2013 when it launched its first project, the Take Two Campaign with a founder-cum-core team of five enthusiastic young students. Presntly, Moksha Foundation has a dozen plus member core team with an extended team of volunteers that consists of mostly students who are working relentlessly to create change.

We care. We cure. We create.

Moksha Foundation is registered under Section 60 of the Indian Trust Act, 1882. Registration #3341, Book No. 4, Vol No. 13, 228 of 2012-13.