Areas of Focus

Moksha Foundation’s constant effort to introduce effective projects towards making a change, wherein the broader picture is viewed as four key aspects-

  • Green Energy Promotion
    We view the drainage of the Earth’s vital resource as an eminent issue. We hope to make people focus on the greener and renewable sources of energy production so that forty years down the line we can still talk of the fossil fuels which are at the brink of non-existence currently.
  • Legal Aid
    It is common to find long-standing issues in households that are unresolved due to lack of resources. Your battle is our battle, we hope to light up your home with justice.
  • Medical Aid
    More often than not, formalities between the affected and the medical institutions come in the way of effective treatment. This affects the underprivileged at a large scale. We seek to bridge this gap by improving accessibility and providing affordability for medical facilities.
  • Information Based Awareness Program
    Lack of education is the root of all social evil. We seek to educate people about their rights and responsibilities, de-stigmatize futile taboos, empower and liberate.