Message from the Chief Patron

They say, “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come”. In the world we live in today, I personally believe consistent information sharing combined with effort can change the world; Not as a whole, instantly but in fragments, slowly. There lies a strong need today for framework at the grassroots level where individuals should themselves have the feeling to stand up for the right without fear and hold their head high for idea and morals that are supported by truth.

Moksha Foundation, which was founded in 2012 is one similar organization which focuses on providing grass level assistance to that section of the society which is simply scared by the uprising evil of money. Today, for the underprivileged – Healthcare is dream & Legal assistance is a myth – We plan to change that. We want to ensure that there is increased accessibility for both those issues and we plan to do that by simply ‘bridging the gap’ in the society.

Through increased information sharing and with a focus on increasing public knowledge about Green & Sustainable energy related issues, we believe we touch upon issues which affect our sustenance in the long run; which not only benefit us but the generations to come.

With a team of dedicated youth volunteers and a experienced advisory team, Moksha Foundation is involved in a continuos process of ‘making lives simpler to live’ through its daily actions.

We hope, that the time for change in the mindset of our society has come, now.

Dinesh Lalwani
Chief Patron


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