Swastha Bhavishya

Swastha Bhavishya

Over 1.5 million children under five die each year as a result of diarrhoea. More than than 1 lakh cases of Cholera, a severe bacterial infection in the intestine, are recorded each year.
These diseases and many others are results of improper sanitation and lack of adequate water and soap supplies diseases.
Swasth Bhavishya is our latest project which aims to spread awareness about the importance of
maintaining proper personal hygiene as well as keeping the surroundings clean, in order to prevent
fatalities among children. We at Moksha realised that it is the need of the hour to equip and educate
the younger population of our country with the means to fight these easily preventable, yet deadly diseases. Hence, the focus of the project is to counter the spread of these diseases and reduce the number of children missing school due to sickness.

“We hope to build a safe and clean environment for children by providing them better access to sanitation and educating them on good hygiene practices, through this project.”
– Anusha Sharma, Director

The pilot runs of the project were carried out with Aarohan NGO and Sanskriti Orphanage in Delhi in May 2014, where the foundation conducted interactive sessions on hygiene and sanitation and distributed soap samples. The project officially began with an informative session in the slums of North Delhi in association with Shri Manoj Tiwari, Member of Parliament. Team Moksha also visited Munshi Ram Colony and Khera Village in Seemapuri and two MCD schools in North Delhi as a part of our project, before we extended our reach by targeting approximately 1,000 students of MCD schools in East Delhi.
We conducted regular interactive sessions and workshops on topics including but not limited to:
• The importance washing hands and techniques to be used
• The problems of open defecation
• Nutrition and healthy eating
• Personal hygiene.
Each school was provided with 6 months supply of liquid soap and soap dispensers were installed in the washrooms. This was done to bring about a behavioral shift in the minds of the little students. We have been fortunate to get the support of Dr. Harsh Vardhan, the then Health Minister of India, for the successful implementation of the project.
Chosen Swasth Bhavishya ambassadors were provided with ‘Student of the Month’ awards as a token of appreciation for being neatly dressed and maintaining excellent standards of hygiene. After receiving their awards, the enthusiastic students recited poems on cleanliness and talked about what hygiene meant to them.
We followed up our workshops with regular checks in the schools to ensure proper usage of supplies and to record results. The soap reserves were also replenished as and when required for this project.
This was our little step in ensuring a healthier and brighter future for the children of our country.
Phase II of this campaign was carried out next year more aggressively with a wider reach focusing on women issues of menstruation health and management as well.

Aapki zindagi aapke haath, saaf haath surakshit aap!



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