Take Two Campaign

Take Two Campaign

Moksha Foundation’s premier project in association with Perfetti Van Melle was called the Week of Giving which included the ‘Take Two Campaign’. This campaign was held from 28th January, 2013 to1st February, 2013. Under this project, two packets of chips were given to each student in certain government schools. One of these was for the students to keep while they were encouraged to give the other one to someone who according to them could not afford it.

The idea of the project was to emphasize on the joy of giving, even if it involves something as simple as a packet of chips. Before distributing the chips in each class, the volunteers interacted with the students and asked them what they wanted to be in life. They were encouraged to work hard and were told to think about the children who never get an opportunity to fulfil their dreams. The students were urged to carry forward the movement in even bigger ways in the future.

During the course of the week, the team distributed over 15,000 packets of chips in various government schools in West Delhi like DI Khan BS Senior Secondary School, Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya and Bapu Adarsh School.


One comment on “Take Two Campaign

  1. Absolutely novel idea. However i wish we could have more of these weeks, even in public schools where students would be asked to give one of the packets to someone they would never give, which could be anyone, inside or outside the school. All this pity that we have for the poor is multiplying and working against them only. Like you aimed, the emphasis should be on the joy of giving. Great work, though !

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